POSTED ON March 5th, 2019

World Gone Mad


Hospitality as defined in the Cambridge English Dictionary as “the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors”.


At Nanny Brow we like to say that our visitors arrive as guests and leave as friends. The art of being there for your guests needs but at the same time being discrete and in the background is something I have spent decades perfecting and teaching my team.  All the team here love to help our guests often going out of their way to do so. This starts at the initial booking when we send out

  • Our list of recommended places to eat
  • Places to go including discount vouchers

We only recommend places that the team go to, so we know first hand that they are good. With our recommended restaurants list we run a system where bye 3 negatives from guests and they are removed from our list. The reason behind this is to help our guests find places to eat that will enhance their stay with us rather than spoil it due to a bad meal experience which then taints the rest of their stay.


In July 2018 The Package Travel Regulations (PTR’s) came into force. In 1992 theses regs first surfaced designed to protect holiday makers from the risk of their tour operator going bust. The B&B association along with Tourism Alliance have tried tirelessly over the last few years to persuade the government to modify the UK regs from the EU directive they are based on. Unfortunately, their campaigning was not successful leaving us with a disproportionate set of laws. These new regs have far reaching effects to B&B owners as well as tour operators.


According to the B&B association that fights tirelessly for our industry if we “recommend” a particular supplier e.g. local pubs or restaurants – then under the PTR’s it can make us 100% liable for our guest’s experience, as if we were providing it ourselves. To get around this we would have to have insolvency insurance, taking out insolvency insurance for a small business is almost prohibitive, it would have necessitated us increasing our room costs substantially to cover this which in my opinion would have a negative effect on our business and penalise you our guests unnecessarily. So, to comply with these regulations we will no longer be “recommending” to our guests.  cover our recommendations! So, to Prevent us from being liable to criminal prosecution we have reluctantly had to take the decision not to use the word “Recommend” anywhere. Consequently, our original list of “recommended” places to eat that we email out to all our guests has now been replaced by ‘Nanny Brow Places To Eat’ and while we are happy to show our guests the lists do discuss restaurants we can no longer recommend.












So, what does this mean for you our guests


Hopefully not a lot of difference. The same information will be available that we have always provided it will just be packaged with out the “Recommended” Reference. We have created a new folder which will be in the lounge where all the restaurants/ places to go/ walks etc that the team enjoy/ use are listed. We have also included a section for you our guests to put the places you particularly liked and or disliked. This will hopefully help others staying here as well.


Finally, I would like to remind all our guests about our Nanny Brow Guest Facebook page was created for guests that have stayed at Nanny Brow to share pictures and experiences. You are welcome to post anything relevant and helpful. The Guest Facebook Page can be found at

We do not reply to posts as it’s your page, however we do monitor it’s content and will remove anything offensive or irrelevant.



We hope our guests will support us in this decision to not “recommend” in essence we will continue to supply information but no “recommendations”. This will affect our restaurant list, places to go and things to do, discount codes and cards for restaurants, places of interest and theatre, our walks, transport and driving tours.


As said at the start the world has gone mad. Despite this madness we will continue to assist our guests as much as possible.


This blog is our interpretation of how these regulations will affect us and is not a comprehensive interpretation of the regulations.

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