POSTED ON February 7th, 2019

Winter and Spring Jobs


It’s that time of year again when we start the annual deep clean and decorating ready for the spring and hopefully a busy season of guests staying at Nanny Brow.

We have closed for a couple of days the last couple of weeks so Joe could start painting the hall stairs and landing and any rooms that need a bigger refresh than a touch up. It always amazes me how many low-level finger marks we get on the walls especially when we don’t take children. Perhaps our team and guests wander the corridors at night on their hands and knees strategically placing these marks in the hope I won’t see them. Or perhaps it’s to test my observational skills.

Brendan our newest team member drew the short straw this year for cleaning the dining room and hall floors. This said he’s done a marvellous job and admitted it wasn’t as bad as he thought. Our hall floor has been a feature of the house since it was built in 1903 and deserves all the love and care we lavish on it during our annual spring clean.














Our Ted Todd dining room floor supplied by R&R Stone in Staveley was laid almost ten years ago and looks as good today as it did then. Luke is always on hand in their showroom to show you their latest stunning range of floorings. We are so pleased we chose this for our dining room it certainly takes all the wear and tear we throw at it. The secret I am sure in keeping our floors in tip top condition is the annual deep clean using the Ted Todd floor care

system 1.

It’s always much easier than we think, the hardest bit is getting all the tables and chairs out of the room so we can get into all the nooks and crannies. Once all the old polish and residue has been removed using Ted Todd easy clean, we patiently wait for the floor to dry naturally. This usually involves a sit down and a well-earned cup of Pennington’s Lakeland tea. and a slice of our Nanny Brow cake after all we will burn off the calories doing the floor clean. I love seeing the Ted Todd floor care intensive polish in our Matt finish applied and watching as the floor comes to life again as it’s deep lustre is revealed.















So next time you sit down for breakfast or linger in the hall way we would love it if you could give our floors a quick glance.














Our other big annual job is polishing all the antique beds, wardrobes, bedside units, chests of draws and the other antique wood bedroom furniture. Firstly, we strip the bed down to its frame and remove any dust that’s been hiding in out of reach nooks and crannies. Then we use Lakeone sprayshine polish to treat the antique wood. This polish not only nourishes the wood but also brings out the depth of colour and lustre. We leave the beds stripped for 24 hours so the polish has plenty of time to soak in and the smell dissipate. After giving the carpets a good clean under neath the bed frames and the skirting boards it’s then time to turn the mattress and make the beds back up with fresh mattress protectors and linen. All the behind the screens cleaning is just that so all our guest see is well polished furniture and spotlessly clean rooms.

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