POSTED ON March 23rd, 2018

General polishing and our antique beds, armours and chests;

With tooth brushes and little paint brushes in hand we start the process on ensuring our beautiful antique beds remain in tip top condition. We start by dusting all the beds before we polish them. The bed in Wansfell with all the ornate carving needs to be cleaned with tooth brushes and fine paint brushes to get into all the corners. Once dust free we polish all the wood work with a specialist polish for antique wood and then its elbow grease to get a deep luster. ( insert photo of this being dusted with tooth brush and thin paint brush and another of it being dusted).

The same procedure is undertaken on all the wooden bedroom furniture, public area furniture and paneling in the lounge and hall.

This year major job is our dining room floor. It is undergoing a deep clean and a re-waxing with all the chairs having new ……pads stuck on the base on the legs to stop them scratching the floor when pushed back and forth.

To make life easier for all of us we took all the tables out of the room giving us a huge empty space to work on. Elliot and Iuwan thought a quick game of indoor football would be a good use of the space and the dogs didn’t mind joining in.


General dusting;

As with any house no matter what the size, a spring clean/deep clean is the time to look at a room from different levels. Ground floor level means just than we get down on the floor and look under beds, (this is often allocated to Olivia as she is petite and can get into spaces the rest of the team can’t) we move furniture away from the walls so those pesky spiders that have made cobwebs out of sight can be cleared away, hidden skirting boards wiped down and flooring cleaned. Once the low level is done then we then get the step ladders out and look up high (or in Iuwan’s case he just goes up on tip toes for most of it) the tops of curtains, curtain pools, tops of wardrobe, ceiling lights etc. are dusted to perfection.



All showers are re-grouted where necessary and silicone replaced by Joe our handyman/gardener by undertaking this at the start of the season we hope to avoid the inconvenience of a leaking shower due to grout or silicone failure. Shower doors are lifted off the runners so rails can be deep cleaned and any other maintenance is undertaken.


Decorating and general maintenance;

We have a “to do pad “in the kitchen called “Joe’s Jobs” where all staff record any snagging items as they discover them so Joe knows. In January we also do a walkthrough of all the rooms with Joe and make a list of any items that need our winter maintenance.

It’s also helpful if you our guests tell us if you see something that’s not working so we can sort it out.

PAT testing (portable appliance testing) is done every year to ensure everyone’s safe and can use all appliances, this is done by Elliot and is a huge annual undertaking. (picture of Elliot doing pat test) We also visually inspect including turning all rooms lights on and off at each turnaround after a guest departs. Having said this, light bulbs go when light bulbs want to and if one has gone please let us know so we can replace it during your stay.

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