POSTED ON February 22nd, 2019

A level playing field at last we need your support. Please book directly with us.


For years the big boys who run the online booking sites like, Expedia,, and Ebookers along with all the others have tried to control the prices and booking terms that you our guests pay. This has meant that we the owners have to have the same prices on our website as they have. They then charge us commission on every booking and enforce cancellation terms and deposits that are often far harsher than on our sites. They engage in misleading selling strategies and don’t play fair which affects you our guests. Last year they were prosecuted for price fixing which opened the gates for us hoteliers including B&B owners to have better prices on our own website often reflecting the price less commission and cancellation terns that are more flexible.The infighting has continued this past year between then leaving us hoteliers as pigs in the middle. They often drop our prices with out permission so they are viewed on sites like Trip Advisor or Trivago as having a lover price than their competitor. We have never been able to get our website prices listed on these sites as independent hoteliers as we do not have the clout or the cost is far to prohibitive for a small business.


Adam Ralph, editor of the Good Hotel Guide which we are honoured to have been listed in for 8 consecutive years ( for those of you don’t know how this guide works, you do not pay to get into this guide it is the only true independent guide on hotels and B & B’s. You have to be invited into it by Adam Ralf following an initial inspection and thereafter yearly ones  and guest recommendations ).


Adam has recently been quoted in The daily Mail as saying”


“Many people are unaware that by booking through an online agent they will often get a worse deal than if they book directly with the hotel says Adam Ralf ,editor of the Good Hotel Guide. “ we will have to examine the fine print of any new regulations , but these huge corporations will find ways to pursue their commercial interests. They have vast resources to throw at any legal challenges made against them and they will argue endlessly about the interpretation of any new codes of conduct”


Mark Palmer for the daily Mail wrote a very interesting article about booking directly with the hotels on 16/02/19 entitled

“ Think online booking sites offer the best deal? Wrong! Here’s the proof it always pays to book direct” See the link below:-


Adam also said to ‘The Sunday Times’ “Were I ever to open my own hotel, the accolade that I would relish above all others would be a glowing report in the Good Hotel Guide. Unlike many other publications, the entry would not cost me so much as a bean.”


We hope this will give you a little insight into the shenanigans we as independent accommodation are having to deal with to bring you our guests the best deals by booking directly with us.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

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