POSTED ON November 5th, 2018

We have been making our own marmalade since we opened, it’s a team event and one we all look forward to. For me it become second nature, my mother always made marmalade for the family and to sell at school and church events. We use to make over 200 jars each January when the Seville oranges were in season. As a child I can remember sitting around the kitchen table separating the pith from the fruit rind and cutting all the rind into chunks. My mother used to bring out her mother’s brass preserving pan to cook the multiple marmalade batches in.

I still use my grandmothers brass preserving pan as it is so much better than modern ones I have tried and I love the history and memories it rekindles each time I get it out.

Our Nanny Brow Marmalade is made from a recipe I have evolved over the years it combines my mother’s original orange only recipe with grapefruit and lemons to give The Nanny Brow Three Fruit Marmalade. The lemons and yellow grapefruit help to give it a lighter, fruitier flavoured marmalade which is a hit with all our guests.

We recycle all our jam jars to use for our marmalade and lemon curd. Spare ones are donated to local good causes.

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