POSTED ON June 14th, 2019

Nanny Brow Lemon Curd

There is nothing like the taste of homemade lemon curd with hot toasted granary bread. Especially when the lemon curd has been made at Nanny Brow and served on our artisan bread from More Bakery, Staveley as a part of our award-winning breakfast.

We have been making lemon curd at Nanny Brow for our guests since we opened. It’s not hard to make and lasts for a couple of months when stored in the fridge always presuming it isn’t devoured in quick sticks. If you want to have a go here is our recipe:

3oz (85g) butter
4 lemons peeled (use potato peeler as peel needs to be thin with no pith)
¼ pint (150ml) lemon juice from lemons
12oz (340g) granulated sugar
¼ pint (150ml) eggs plus 1 egg yolk

• Wash 4 x 1lb jam jars with tight fitting lids in hot soapy water rinse well and dry. Place in oven at 160 °C for at least 30 minutes.
• In large mixing bowl place lemon rind, juice (pips and lemon bits ok at this point), butter and sugar. Sit the bowl on top of a large pan ½ filled with hot water. Place pan over low heat to melt the butter. Do not let the water to boil too hard so that it gets into the ingredients. Stir frequently.
• When the butter has melted stand the bowl in a bowl of cold water to cool the mixture down.
• In a separate bowl mix the eggs lightly and set aside.
• When the mixture is cool mix in the eggs beating well with wooden spoon to prevent strands of cooked egg in mixture.
• Pour the mixture through a sieve into fresh bowl and place back over the pan of hot water and bring almost to the boil, turn heat down and continue to cook until mixture thickens stirring frequently.
• To test if curd is ready to be bottled it should coat the back of a spoon. Run a finger through the coating on the back of the spoon and it should leave a track where you have done this.
• Remove jars from oven taking care not to burn yourself. Using a small jug fill the jam jars to the brim. Seal with jam jar lid and leave to cool. Make sure lid is fully tight when jar is cool before labeling and refrigerating.

Serving suggestions

• Fresh bread or toast
• Crumpets or muffins
• Filling on Victoria sponge cake

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