POSTED ON February 14th, 2019

Happy Valentines


No matter what your age it’s lovely to say I love you. My parents have been married for 64 years and dad still tells mum he loves her. I’ve always told my family this at every opportunity sometimes multiple times each day, others are much more reserved in saying I love you. No matter which side of the fence you sit on let’s all celebrate Valentines Day this year.















Yes it has become commercialised but it’s a day that’s steeped in history at the end of of the 5th century,Pope Gelasius 1st replaced the Roman festival of Lupercalia with St Valentines Day. Lupercalia celebrated the coming of spring, including fertility rites and the paring off of women with men by lottery! Very outdated for 21st century lives.

By the 14th century Valentines Day became a day to celebrate romance. Formal messages, or Valentines appeared as early as 1500 and by 1700’s the first commercially printed cards were being sent.  They often depicted Cupid, the Roman God of Love along with hearts. Traditionally gifts included candy and flowers, especially red roses as they were thought to symbolise beauty and love were given.












According to Good Housekeeping it’s not couples who receive the largest number of valentine’s card but teachers, perhaps due to classroom Valentines celebrations.  Cards are also bought by parents for their children and vice Vera’s children buying then for their mums. In America an incredible 9 million people spend money on their pets on Valentines Day.

Better remember the card for Zola then ??














So no matter what your feelings are about Valentine’s Day we would like to wish all our readers a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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