Environmental Policy

Proud to hold a Cumbria Business Environment Network GOLD Award

The owners of Nanny Brow have made a commitment to ensure that we take into account any resulting impact on the environment from the use of our house for us and guests.

We undertake to work towards…

  • Ensuring that the relevant Environmental Legislation & Regulations are understood and complied with.
  • Reducing energy usage by increased energy efficiency.
  • Ensuring raw materials are used in a manner that reduces waste.
  • Re-using or recycling waste where ever possible.
  • Purchasing and using environmentally friendly materials whenever & where ever possible or appropriate.
  • Raising the awareness of staff and guests so that everybody can be involved in our environmental policy.
  • Operating the business in an environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Using locally sourced produce when and where ever possible.
  • Helping to increase biodiversity in gardens and hedgerows that surround us.
  • Using a Bio- Mass boiler for heating water and central heating in the property.
  • Purchasing the wood chips for the boiler from a local supplier.
  • Continually assessing & improving our environmental strategies and performances.

In order for us to achieve and maintain these points, we will work towards all of the following…

Regularly reviewing the Environment Agency “Netregs” and CREA websites to keep abreast of relevant legislation.

To join relevant organisations including Cumbria Green Business Forum, Business Link, Regional Chamber of Commerce and Lakes Hospitality Association.

Installing a low energy lighting system.

Ensuring any standard lights/lamps are fitted with low energy bulbs.

Using sensor lights in public areas, cupboards, lofts and out of the way areas to reduce chance of leaving lights on.

Encourage a SWITCH OFF policy for all.

Display an abridged Environmental Policy in guest information folders with the full policy in reception and on our web site and encourage feedback from guests and staff.

Ask guests and staff not to leave appliances on standby or plugged in

Encourage staff and guests only to boil the amount of water required in the kettle.

Install mainly showers in en-suite rooms.

Turn down dimmable lights where possible.

Line curtains with thermally insulated and black-out interlining.

Use thermal blinds on all single glazed windows.

Turn radiator thermostatic valves down to frost setting in rooms not occupied.

Turn down heating in public areas to a comfortable minimum.

Any window/door replacements to have double glazed glass (excluding the original 1902 windows in main house).

All new appliances purchased / installed to be ‘A’ rated or higher.

Insulate all loft spaces.

Install our own on-site laundry.

Install water butts at junctions of down pipes to harvest water for the garden.

Operate a policy where by towels are not changed daily unless necessary.

Operate a policy where by bedding is only changed as necessary.

Install hand dryer in kitchen.

Keep doors closed between areas.

Simmer food where possible as it will cook in the same time but reduce heat output.

Check the thermal insulation on all cooking appliances to avoid unnecessary heat loss.

Avoid opening oven doors to check cooking food, use viewing window instead.

Avoid turning on equipment in advance and turn off immediately after use.

Monitor the heat up times for equipment.

Read the Envirowise guidance on the operation of refrigeration and chiller units.

On a regular basis walk around all areas with employees to identify where energy is being wasted and help spot opportunities where potential savings could be made.

Use linen napkins as opposed to paper ones.

Use table mats as opposed to table cloths.

Use recycled products where ever possible i.e. toilet rolls, tissues, paper.

Use environmentally sensitive toiletries for guests and use refillable containers for these.

Use environmentally friendly cleaning products in refillable containers.

Endeavour to print literature on recycled paper.

Use wood from our own grounds for logs for the fires in the lounge and hall.

Make guests aware of our recycling policy, the boxes for recycling and that their assistance is appreciated.

Look into recording the amount of guest recycling and showing it in guest information folders and on our web site.

Ensure that all staff are trained in the appropriate separation of waste for recycling.

Recycle plastic, cans, tin, paper, glass, cardboard.

Restore / re-cover furniture fit for purpose.

Use environmentally friendly cleaning products that reduce the impact on our septic tank.

Use Micro Fibre cloths instead of cleaning products.

Evaluate the use of Eco Balls to replace traditional washing powders and soaps.

Ensure that all staff at induction and at refresher training sessions read, sign and understand our Environmental Policy and are aware how to implement it on a daily basis.

Ensure that guests are aware of the Public Transport Services in and around Ambleside to the surrounding area.

Linking up with LDNPA /Local Tourist Board and having their literature and information prominently placed so guests can access it easily.

Discussing and recommending to guests the delights of the unspoilt natural area waiting to be explored on foot without needing transport.

Implement a walk around survey on a quarterly basis of up to 6 people including Management, suppliers (heating, lighting) staff and guests (if they wish to join in) to help identify where energy is being wasted, and focus on key areas in which savings can be made i.e. heating, lighting and appliances that are left on when not being used. Therefore demonstrating our commitment to reducing our carbon emissions and encouraging others to follow our example.

Where and whenever possible we will use washing appliances on shortest programme viable.

Undertake to provide a good maintenance programme so for example we do not leave dripping taps unresolved.

Wherever and whenever possible we will not leave taps running, use the dish washer half full, use the washing machines half full, download information and print unnecessarily, leave lights on or leave doors open unnecessarily.

Ensure through our literature, web site and talking to guests and staff that we endeavour to source most of our produce and products locally plus provide information about our sources.

Foods are sourced from within 20 miles of Ambleside.

Toiletries are provided from companies within Cumbria.

Fuel for the bio mass boiler is sourced from companies within Cumbria.

We discourage cutting the hedges whilst in flower.

Composting lawn cuttings, leaves and cuttings.

Planting native plants.

Planting scented plants to encourage wild life.

Installing bird boxes and feeders.

Re planting coppiced trees.

Providing a diary for recording rarer animals in the grounds e.g. red squirrels.

Maintaining natural habitats for wild life in the grounds.

Bench mark and compare energy, fuel and water bills.

Ensure staff are involved and encourage their input.

Assess strategies and performances at different times of the year and day.

Ensure staff/guests when appropriate are included in assessments to actively encourage interest and be proactive in wanting to work to improve our policies.

This Environmental Policy is correct to March 2013 and will be reviewed regularly.

Access Statement

  • Before you arrive

Full details and maps of how to reach us are available on our website under the ‘map and directions’ section. If you are using a satellite navigation system, our post code is LA22 9NF. Our national grid reference is NY 336034, 503531. If using an Ordnance Survey Map (OL7 or Landranger 90) the grid reference will be 360 035.

Latitude 54. 25? 23” (54.423171)          Longitude 2. 59? 15” (-2.987362)

The nearest town, Ambleside, is located about 1½ miles from Nanny Brow. There is no pavement for the first ½ mile of the journey between Nanny Brow and Ambleside. Where pavement is available, it is reasonably wide and of good quality.

The nearest railway station is Windermere located 5 miles away. Windermere Station offers regular connections to Oxenholme for Lake District, our nearest main line station, about 17 miles from Nanny Brow.

Most local taxis need to be pre-booked or be waiting at a taxi rank. If an accessible taxi is needed, pre-booking is essential.

Stagecoach North West operates regular bus services between Ambleside & Coniston (route 505 request stop at Clappersgate) and Ambleside & Great Langdale (route 516 request stop at the bottom of our drive). If travelling into Cumbria on public transport, the route 555 or 599 will stop in Ambleside to connect to the above services. Some buses can accommodate a wheelchair and have low floor / step free access.

Our local Red Cross office can hire specialist mobility equipment if required.

  • Car Parking and Arrival

It is requested that you check-in between 15:00 and 19:00. If you plan to arrive outside of these times, please contact us.

The driveway is tarmaced and sweeps up a fell side at a gradient of approximately 1:5 to 1:4 for a distance of 130 yards. It is well lit and wide enough in places to accommodate two vehicles.

The majority of the car park is sloped although the designated disabled space plus at least one other is almost on the level.

Access from the car park to the main entrance is along a slate path about 18 yards in length. It has recently been re pointed and levelled. Natural undulations still occur in the stone but no changes in level.

Access into the building is via two steps. The first is 8” high which steps up into the open porch. Access through the front door is via a second step 7” high. Both steps have a door width of 37” and there are no grab handles or rails.

Usually a member of staff will welcome you to Nanny Brow. If the door is locked, an intercom is located by the front door which can be used to summon attention.

  • Hallway / Welcome Area

Guests are welcomed in the main hall of the house to register. A magnifying glass plus pen, paper and writing board are available if needed.

The floor is original wood and is level throughout. The hall is well lit with overhead lighting. An easy chair is situated in one corner of the hall. A higher carver chair with a seat height of 17” can be used if required.

Guests are invited to sign their registration form and will then be shown the main amenities including lounge, bar and dining room before being shown to the bedroom.

  • Stairs / Landing

There is one flight of stairs to the first and only floor above ground level. The stairs turn 180 degrees half way up with 17 steps in total. There is no handrail.

The floor is carpeted throughout and is similar in colour to the walls / skirting board.

The area is well lit using a combination of natural light and bright energy saving lights on an automatic sensor.

  • Lounge

The guest lounge is situated on the ground floor with step free access from the hallway. The door opening is 60”.

The room has a mixture of seating with sofas (seat height 23”), easy chairs (seat height 23”) and soft chairs with arms (seat height 17”). A number of antique coffee tables and chests provide additional features.

The flooring is a light short pile carpet which contrasts with the oak panelling around the lounge.

Lighting is a mixture of natural daylight supplemented with low energy table lamps and overhead lights as required

  • Public Toilet

There is one small unisex toilet on the ground floor off the main hall. It has level entry.

The door has a clear opening width of 28” although space once in the room is limited. The height of the toilet is 17” and there is no space to the side of the toilet. There is a large mixer tap on the hand basin and the toilet is well lit using low energy light.

  • Bar

The bar is situated on the ground floor.  Access is through a door opening of 28″ and then down two steps (5½” in height).

The room has a mixture of seating with antique sofas and ‘Arts and Crafts’ chairs complimented with a number of antique coffee tables.  An inglenook fireplace offers additional seating with reclaimed church pews.  Seat heights in the bar range from 14″ to 21″.

The flooring is a dark patterned short pile carpet which contrasts with the cream walls and grey antique tiles within the fireplace.

Lighting is a mixture of natural daylight supplemented with low energy table lamps and overhead lights as required

  • Dining Room

The dining room is situated on the ground floor with step free access from the hallway.

The door opening into the dining room is 30½” wide and is level throughout.

Lighting is a mixture of natural daylight supplemented with low energy table / window sill lamps, wall lights and overhead lights as required.

The flooring is wooden and is level throughout.

Tables are wooden and are of a similar colour to the flooring. Crockery is white and contrasts the tables.

Breakfast is a mixture of self-service for cereals, juices and fruit with table service of hot drinks and cooked items from the kitchen. Help with self-service items can be arranged.

We are able to cater for varying dietary requirements. Please advise us when making a booking.

  • Garden

Directly outside the hotel is the terrace, small and semi-circular taking advantage of the valley views with flower beds around all edges.

The lower gardens, woodlands and fell side are free for guests to use and are best accessed from the lower car park.

From the main entrance, use the driveway (beware of gradient) to access the lower car park and pathways onto the garden and woodland beyond.

The garden is very steep in places, some paths are gravelled, steps are steep, uneven and slippery. Extra care should be taken in the woodland as even in bright daylight, paths are dark, undulating and unforgiving.

Areas / steps may be cordoned off and you are asked not to step over these barriers for your own safety.

  • Bedrooms

There are ten bedrooms at Nanny Brow.  Eight are in the main house (two on the ground floor and six on the first floor).  Two rooms are also situated in an adjoining annexe.

All rooms in the main house are accessed through a door measuring 28” wide using a handle or latch.  Bedroom doors in the annexe, although 28″ wide, are restricted by the ground floor access door which measures 24″ in width.

All bedroom floors are laid with a light short pile carpet which is similar in colour to the walls.  If the rooms contain an original fireplace, the slate hearth contrasts with the carpet.

All bedrooms have a 5’ bed which is antique and may not be suitable to be raised by blocks.

Bedroom furniture is antique and heavy and may not be able to be moved. Side tables and chairs can be removed if required.

All bedrooms have free of charge Wi-Fi access and a wide screen television with digital television, radio, subtitles and remote control.

Rooms are bright and lighting is a mixture of natural daylight supplemented with low energy table lamps and overhead lights as required. Additional reading lamps can be provided if requested.

Bedding is hypo-allergenic with each bed dressed with a seasonal duvet (summer or winter weight) and 1 pillow per guest. An additional duvet and extra pillows are stored in each bedroom, blankets are available on request.

Bed heights range from 20″ to 28″. Each room has an easy chair / settee with a seat height between 13″ and 19″. A comprehensive list of each room and the associated height of furniture is available on request.

Each bedroom also has a hard solid backed chair with a seat height of at least 17”.

  • Annexe

Access to the annexe is through a private door situated off the main car park.  There is one 8″ step into the building through a doorway of 28″ in width.

The ground floor lounge area is accessed down a 3″ step.

Both rooms are on the first floor.  These are accessed though a 24″ doorway and then up a flight of 14 steps.  There is a handrail.

  • En-suites

All bedrooms have an en-suite shower room with only Whitwell Suite and Langdale Suite having a roll top bath as well.

Door entry width to the en-suites is 28” with the exception of Loughrigg which is 25”. Access is step free onto tiled not slip flooring.

There are no grab rails or handles in any first floor en-suites.

All toilets have a seat height of 16” and a seat raiser can be provided if required.

En suites in the main house have no contrast between the floor and wall. Annexe en suites have a darker floor covering in contrast to the lighter walls.  Bath towels and bath mats are white, hand towels are black.  Face cloths are white and black (one of each colour).

Most hand basin stands are made from antique furniture with a recessed basin. Taps are mixer / lever style.

Lighting is a mixture of natural daylight supplemented with low energy overhead lights except in the case of Brantwood and Langdale Suite where there is no natural light.

Shower trays have a step height of between 3″ and 7½” depending on the room. Most basins are between 33″ and 35″ in height.  A comprehensive list of each room and the associated height of furniture is available on request.

  • Fire and Evacuation

There is a member of staff on duty at all times. If you require assistance in the event of an evacuation, please alert us as soon as possible after arriving so arrangements can be made should the need arise.

  • Other useful information

Nearest doctors surgery is Ambleside Health Centre about 2 miles from Nanny Brow. Contact them on 015394 32693.

Nearest hospital is Westmorland General (Minor Accidents and Injuries) about 17 miles from Nanny Brow. Their number is 01539 732288.

The nearest hospital with an Accident and Emergency is Furness General Hospital about 29 miles away.

Mobility aids and other items can be hired from the Red Cross in Kendal. There number is 01539 734289.

For the out of hours Doctor, contact Cumbria Health on Call (CHOC) on 03000 247 247

  • Contact Information

Nanny Brow is open all year

Our full postal address is

Nanny Brow
LA22 9NF

Telephone 015394 33232

Website nannybrow.creativetheorylab.co.uk

Email unwind@nannybrow.co.uk

This Access Statement is correct to June 2016 and will be reviewed regularly


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