POSTED ON April 5th, 2018

Myffy is our tri-coloured border collie she is 12 years old, born on 12/06/06. Myffy was born in the Cotswolds and her mother was a working collie and her father was Welsh sheep dog champion for a number of years. As her mum was owned by our neighbour at the time we were lucky enough to have seen her and her litter brothers from 4 days old. There was an instant bond between me and Myffy as every time we went to see the puppies she was always the one that I picked up first and as they grew she was the one that came to me.

Her young life was spent with us in the Cotswolds with our horses and two cats (Kewi and her sister Tango who unfortunately disappeared when she was two).

Myffy always had a strong herding sense which she practiced on the family only relaxing when we were all in one place. Without any training she instinctively knew how to round up the horses and bring them in. It’s one of my most treasured memories going down onto the stable yard in the evenings opening the field gate and watching Myffy using her in bread instincts to round up our three horses. I would open up the three stable doors for her and without being taught she would get each horse in their own stable!

Myffy has always loved playing fetch much to the family’s delight and since our move to The Lakes our guests.

Unfortunately, all this has taken a tole on her joints which are now riddled with arthritis and with nerve damage in her hind quarter she struggles with walks.  We have taken the decision to let her continue with what she loves for as long as she can manage.









Kewi, originally bought as a stable cat along with her sister Tango (who we sadly lost when she was two). Kewi was always the more independent of the two but after we lost her sister she remained independent and decided that she loved cuddles. Despite being a stable cat we always fed her down at the stable yard each evening and would leave her in the hay barn for the night. At first they would climb into the rafters and then jump down on to the horses backs, mainly Jasmine’s as hers was the first stable before jumping onto the lower stable door and out into the open. To stop them frightening the horses and prevent injury we fenced off their escape area. When they were not asleep on the hay bales they could be found in their own insulated igloo all warm and cosy no matter what the weather.

Both cats were furious mousers which helped in keeping the stables clean and tidy.

Kewi has continued with this role of vermin control at Nanny and in spite of being 12 years old, born 15/05/06 she is still lighting fast.

Kewi has always made her home in the cellar she quickly worked out how to get in and out along the redundant pipe runs from the old oil boiler. We know she gets into the cellar when the door is shut as the lights in there work off movement sensors and I can often see them come on from my house in the evening. Nowadays with the biomass boiler down there and lots of warm pipes she is toasty warm no matter what the weather out side. We still feed her each night and she prefers to drink the fresh stream water which is why she doesn’t have a water bowl.

As to cuddles she still loves them but don’t let her fool you that she can come in doors. You might think it’s cute, but the next guest won’t thank you when she sits purring at the door/window.











Josh is our handsome four-year-old born on Christmas Day 25/12/13. He was from a breeder in Northern Lakes that has two litters a year to get another show dog. Josh was due to go out to America as a show dog but unfortunately the lady buying him missed the free carriage on the plane (if you’re like us we were stunned by the fact that a puppy can travel on your lap free of charge on a transatlantic flight until they are 12 weeks old as soon as they are 12 weeks and a day they have to go in the hold which is chargeable). As she had missed the cut off point she decided to have a puppy from the next litter and we got Josh.

Her loss our gain as he’s a lovely dog. His favourite thing to do is swim and will do this no matter what the weather. He’s an excellent swimmer and in spite of his huge thick coat a couple of shakes and he’s almost dry.

Myffy is definitely the boss and can still be heard barking at him when he is doing something she knows he shouldn’t. He likes to pinch the ball off Myffy and run off with it as she’s a wise old girl she has learnt just to follow behind as he soon gets board with it and drops it. Myffy then swoops in to pick it up and takes it to someone to throw.








Wild Animals:

Deer both fallow and red can be seen wandering through the grounds at dawn and dusk. They come down off the fells at dusk through our gardens across the road to drink and sleep by the Brathay river. At dawn they do the reverse. It’s a bit of a love hate relationship as although they are lovely to see they eat all the sampling’s and bedding plants in the garden.

As the house had been empty for a long time before we moved in the deer had considered our grounds to be their own private meadow. In the quieter months red stags can still be seen in front of North Wing a real spectacle to behold.

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