POSTED ON January 24th, 2019

Sometimes our destinies and life events are sent to test us 2018 certainly tested us and we ended the year drained and deflated. Just when you start to question why life does this to you a complete u turn fills you full of wonderment and joy. I’m not sure if this is coincidence or the path a higher being has marked out for us. What ever it is 2019 has started with a huge high for us at Nanny Brow and we are all truly grateful.


I hope you haven’t got board already as this is where our news begins.


As a lot of you know we lost our beloved Myffy and Josh at the end of last year the sadness was shared by our staff and guests and we felt the house had lost a sparkle.

Our son and partner sent us a link to a website and suggested we bit the bullet and welcomed a new member into the team.

I believe in fate and that if things are meant to be the doors will open for you and they certainly did. I spoke to a lovely lady called Lisa Carlson and explained our situation I’m not sure who was more emotional her or me. There was an instant click between us, fate was definitely on our side, but Lisa also worked her magic and on Christmas Day she told us she had a little girl that we could collect in January.

Our wish list of an apricot cream/ rose, girl, medium labradoodle was a reality. The excitement was electric and put a real spring in all our steps.


So, we are delighted to introduce you to Zola she’s 10 weeks old and a real sweetie she is melting the hearts of all she meets.













I have wanted a labradoodle for a long time but never thought we would have the opportunity. I fell in love with them as a breed when I first read about them about six years ago. I loved the fact that they are hypo-allergenic to us humans and they don’t moult. Were all looking forward to no more hours of vacuuming all the house over and over again as the dogs had moulted hair just as we thought we had finished.


So now the bonding and training has begun and the introduction to all our guests who we hope will enjoy watching her grow as much as we do.


Welcome Zola to our life we promise we will love and care for you for ever.


A special thank you to Lisa for letting us adopt this beautiful little girl and for all the work you have done in handling and introducing her to this world.


Let the story begin.


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